List of Stockbrokers in the Philippines
A stock broker or stockbroker is a regulated professional broker who buys and sells shares and other securities through market makers or Agency Only Firms on behalf of investors.


*Below is compilation of Stockbrokers with corresponding codes and statuses as of 2010.

Online Stockbrokers

Name Class URL
AB Capital Securities, Inc.
Accord Capital Equities Corp.
BPI Securities Corp.
203, Inc.
Diversified Securities, Inc.
F. Yap Securities, Inc.
First Metro Securities Brokerage Corp.
RCBC Securities, Inc.
Wealth Securities, Inc.



Active Foreign Stockbrokers

225 Apex Phils. Equities Corp.
323 CLSA Philippines, Inc.
142 DBP-Daiwa Capital Markets Philippines, Inc.
209 Deutsche Regis Partners, Inc.
174 HDI Securities, Inc.
185 J. P. Morgan Securities Philippines, Inc.
121 Macquarie Capital Securities (Philippines), Inc.
246 Summit Securities, Inc.
333 UBS Securities Philippines Inc.
260 Uob-Kay Hian Securities (Philippines), Inc.



Active Local Stockbrokers

101 A & A Securities, Inc. 
104 A. T. De Castro Securities Corp.
237 AAA Southeast Equities, Inc.
102 Abacus Securities Corp.
232 Alakor Securities Corp.
106 Alpha Securities Corp.
110 Angping & Associates Securities, Inc.
111 Ansaldo, Godinez & Company, Inc.
388 Ansaldo, Godinez & Company, Inc.
116 Asia Pacific Capital Equities & Securities Corp.
118 AsiaSec Equities, Inc.
119 Astra Securities Corp.
120 ATC Securities, Inc.
220 ATR Kimeng Securities, Inc.
167 Aurora Securities, Inc.
124 B. H. Chua Securities Corp.
109 BA Securities, Inc.  
279 BDO Securities, Inc.  
122 Belson Securities, Inc.  
123 Benjamin Co Ca & Company, Inc.  
272 Bernad Securities, Inc.  
128 Campos, Lanuza & Company, Inc.  
130 Century Securities Corp.  
133 CitiSecurities, Inc.  
387 Coherco Securities, Inc.  
141 Cualoping Securities Corp.  
204 DA Market Securities, Inc.  
143 David Go Securities Corp.  
328 DW Capital, Inc.  
147 E. Chua Chiaco Securities, Inc.  
283 Eagle Equities, Inc.  
150 Eastern Securities Development Corp.  
149 Eastwest Capital Corp.  
261 EIB Securities, Inc.  
153 EquitiWorld Securities, Inc.  
154 Evergreen Stock Brokerage & Securities, Inc.  
243 Fidelity Securities, Inc.  
159 First Integrated Capital Sec., Inc.  
157 First Orient Securities, Inc.  
161 Francisco Ortigas Securities, Inc.  
288 G. D. Tan & Company, Inc.  
168 Globalinks Securities & Stocks, Inc.  
285 Golden Tower Sec. & Holdings, Inc.  
170 Goldstar Securities, Inc.  
172 Guild Securities, Inc.  
175 H. E. Bennett Securities, Inc.  
179 I. Ackerman & Company, Inc.  
180 I. B. Gimenez Securities, Inc.  
140 IGC Securities, Inc.  
182 Imperial De Guzman, Abalos & Co., Inc.  
183 Intra-Invest Securities, Inc.  
181 Investors Securities, Inc.  
188 J. M. Barcelon & Company, Inc.  
125 JAKA Securities Corp.  
169 JSG Securities, Inc.  
389 King`S Power Securities, Inc.  
193 Larrgo Securities Company, Inc.  
195 Litonjua Securities, Inc.  
197 Lopez, Locsin, Ledesma & Company, Inc.  
198 Lucky Securities, Inc.  
199 Luy`s Securities Company, Inc.  
200 Mandarin Securities Corp.  
201 Marian Securities, Inc.  
208 MDR Securities, Inc.  
205 Mercantile Securities Corp.  
206 Meridian Securities, Inc.  
210 Mount Peak Securities, Inc.  
211 New World Securities, Inc.  
213 Nieves Sanchez, Inc.  
215 Optimum Securities Corp.  
218 Pan Asia Securities Corp.  
219 Papa Securities Corp.  
282 PCCI Securities Brokers Corp.  
131 PCIB Securities, Inc.  
276 Phil-Progress Securities Corp.  
338 Philippine Equity Partners, Inc.  
223 Platinum Securities, Inc.  
224 PNB Securities, Inc.  
225 Premium Securities, Inc.  
230 Quality Investment & Securities Corp.  
231 R & L Investments, Inc.  
233 R. Coyiuto Securities, Inc.  
236 R. Nubla Securities, Inc.  
283 R. S. Lim & Company, Inc.  
235 Regina Capital Development Corp.  
239 RTG & Company, Inc.  
240 S. J. Roxas & Company, Inc.  
229 Salisbury Bkt Securities Corp.  
113 Sarangani Securities, Inc.  
115 SB Equities, Inc.  
242 Securities Specialists, Inc.  
129 Sincere Securities Corp.  
286 Solar Securities, Inc.  
247 Standard Securities Corp.  
192 Strategic Equities Corp.  
368 SunSecurities, Inc.  
249 Supreme Stockbroker, Inc.  
251 Tansengco & Company, Inc.  
252 The First Resources Management & Securities Corp.  
253 Tower Securities, Inc.  
254 Trans-Asia Securities, Inc.  
257 Tri-State Securities, Inc.  
136 Triton Securities Corp.  
259 UCPB Securities, Inc.  
235 Unicapital Securities, Inc.  
100 UPCC Securities Corp.  
190 Value Quest Securities Corp.  
263 Venture Securities, Inc.  
266 Vicsal Securities & Stock Brokerage, Inc.  
135 Vsec. Com Inc.  
270 WestLink Global Equities, Inc.  
273 Wong Securities Corp.  
275 Yao & Zialcita, Inc.  
278 Yu & Company, Inc.  



Inactive Stockbrokers

Class Name
369 Local Active Earnings, Inc.
105 Local All AsiaSecurities Management Corp.
227 Local Andrew C. Lim
117 Local AsiaMerit Securities, Inc.
221 Foreign BNP Paribas Investment (Phils.), Inc.
186 Local CDIB Venture Investment (Asia) Limited
226 Foreign Chilip, Christopher
173 Foreign ChristFund Securities (Phils.), Inc.
134 Foreign CitiCorp Financial Services & Insurance Brokerage Phils., Inc.
148 Foreign Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Limited, Philippines Branch
184 Foreign DBS Vickers Securities (Phils.), Inc.
212 Foreign E* Trade Securities Corp.
151 Local EBC Securities Corp.
155 Local Feb Stock Brokers, Inc.
156 Local Finvest Securities Company, Inc.
108 Local Five Karats Property Holdings, Inc.
160 Local Fortune Securities, Inc.
165 Foreign G. K. Goh Securities (Phils.), Inc.
176 Local Geraldine G. Anggala
191 Local Go, Ma. Angelica V.
289 Local Grand Asia Secuirites, Inc.
171 Foreign Guoco Securities (Phils.), Inc.
177 Local Highland Securities Phils., Inc.
178 Local HK Securities, Inc.
268 Foreign HSBC Securities(Philippines), Inc.
265 Local Jocrison Securities, Inc.
234 Local John Dy Hianto
271 Foreign KGI Securities (Phils.), Inc.
187 Local Lee Hiong T. Wee
139 Foreign Magnum International Securities, Inc.
202 Local Marino Olondriz Y Cia
214 Foreign Nomura Securities Phils., Inc.
228 Local Norman Vincent L. Wee
245 Foreign Orion-Squire Capital, Inc.
287 Foreign Paragon Strategic Holdings, Inc.
250 Local PearlBank Securities, Inc.
138 Foreign Phileoallied Securities (Philippines), Inc.
207 Local Philip T. Laude
132 Foreign Philippine Ta Securities, Inc.
222 Local Pierce Interlink Securities, Inc.
152 Foreign Rashid Hussain Securities (Phils.), Inc.
241 Foreign Sapphire Securities, Inc.
258 Foreign SG Securities (HK) Limited
248 Foreign Sun Hung Kai Securities (Phils.), Inc.
282 Foreign Topwin Securities, Inc.
256 Local Trendline Securities Corp.
158 Local Velasco, Geronimo Jr. F.
146 Local Wise Securities Phils., Inc.
274 Foreign WorldSec International Sec. (Phils.) Inc.
277 Local Yaptinchay Securities Corp.


What is a Stock?
The capital stock (or just stock) of a business entity represents the original capital paid into or invested in the business by its founders.

What is Forex?
The foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a worldwide decentralized over-the-counter financial market for the trading of currencies.

What is a Bond?
In finance, a bond is a debt security, in which the authorized issuer owes the holders a debt and, depending on the terms of the bond...

What is an Option?
In finance, an option is a derivative financial instrument that establishes a contract between two parties concerning the buying or selling of an asset...

What is Futures Exchange?
A futures exchange or derivatives exchange is a central financial exchange where people can trade standardized futures contracts;...

What is a Commodity?
A commodity is a good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market.

What is a Mutual Fund?
A mutual fund is a professionally managed type of collective investment scheme that pools money from many investors and invests typically in investment securities...
List of Stockbrokers in the Philippines
A stock broker or stockbroker is a regulated professional broker who buys and sells shares and other securities through market makers or Agency Only Firms on behalf of investors.
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